Black soap or Beldi soap (traditional) was born in Morocco, more precisely in Essaouira,  and is a 100% natural product ideal for body care and hygiene. Its use is typical in the Hammam, where it is used in accompaniment to a special exfoliating glove, starting from many typical massages to the application of Moroccan soap and then proceeding to the exfoliation with the appropriate glove. Its use both in the Hammam and at home is part of a real ritual dedicated to the care of the body and skin.  

It’s a pasty soap made from black olive oil, eucalyptus essential oil and potassium hydroxide; it has an appearance and consistency different from the normal soap to which we are accustomed, so it is creamy, characterized by a dark brown color and a very intense aroma that recalls olive oil.

The black soap or Beldi soap in addition to its cosmetic uses is also ideal for home use, as: 

  • Has a high degreasing power 
  • It is also used as stain remover both in cleaning surfaces of any type (kitchen, bathroom) and to remove grease stains on clothes
  • It can also be used in the washing machine diluting it with a little water being very concentrated.

How do you use it for skin?


Black soap being a scrub should not be used as a normal soap, the best method is to apply it on wet and clean skin preferably; leave on for about 5-10 minutes to make the soap release its vitamins A and E into the epidermis. Finally proceed with the exfoliation with a Kessa glove or a Loofah glove, performing energetic circles without attacking the skin. 

Thanks to this method impurities and dead skin will be eliminated to leave the skin soft, satin and perfectly purified. Warning: avoid using black soap or exfoliation in the area around the eyes and lips being very delicate.

It is much more effective to apply it in the Hammam, since the heat will optimize the spread of vitamins and will open the pores of the skin; but it can also be applied in the bathroom and to achieve the same effect of the heat of a Hammam is recommended to stop for a few moments in a hot bath. 

It is an ideal anti-aging product or in case of acne/ pimples, or simply as a treatment for your own skin. After the treatment you can use rose water or Argan oil on the skin for hydration.


It is advisable to keep the black soap fresh, so the refrigerator is the most appropriate means, otherwise with the passage of time and the heat can lose its creamy consistency and become more liquid and will be more difficult to apply.


For this reason it should be stored in a cool and dry place avoiding temperature changes.

A good quality and well preserved black soap takes a long time to liquefy, about 8 months. Black soap is composed of black olives and water. If it is strong, it means that it contains a high rate of black olives , if it is liquid, it means that it contains a lot of water.