The Rhassoul, or Ghassoul, is a saponiferous clay extracted from special underground mines in the mountains of the Atlas in Morocco. Its name derives from the Arabic verb “Rassala”, which means “wash”. Once extracted, it is subjected to a wash, necessary to eliminate any impurities; it is then placed on flat surfaces and exposed to the sun to dry and reduce it to dust. 

It is a precious clay with remineralizing powers, detergents, purifying thanks to the high concentration of silica and magnesium along with other minerals such as aluminum, iron, calcium, Sodium, potassium; all elements that make the Rhassoul a perfect ally of beauty and therefore an excellent product for a gentle cleansing of the skin, both body and face, since it does not attack.

It reduces acne, improves eczema and closes dilated pores, because it purifies, but at the same time nourishes and reduces dry skin, and for this reason it is also used as a shampoo. On the damp body it can be smeared with a horsehair glove to accentuate its smoothing action. 


The main use of Rhassoul powder is directed to the care of skin and hair, both in the form of masks and wraps. Its use, although recommended to those with particularly impure skin, is also ideal in case of dry or mature skin, because by virtue of its absorbent action, allows to normalize the production of sebum, making the skin more compact and toned.

Benefits on the skin

As we have already seen, the use of Rhassoul powder is particularly beneficial for impure, oily and shiny skin, but also for those who have dull, dull or dry skin, thanks to its illuminating and moisturizing action; in addition: 

  • Eliminates dirt: thanks to its detoxifying properties allow the skin to free itself from toxins and dirt accumulated due to smog, fine dust, chemicals and external environmental agents that make the skin opaque and dull.
  • Eliminates dead cells: applied to the skin of the face and body and massaged with slight circular movements, the Rhassoul has a slight exfoliating action without irritating the skin. This allows you to eliminate dead cells, even on very sensitive and delicate skin.
  • It narrows the dilated pores: its astringent action makes it a perfect ally to counteract the dilated pores. 
  • Purifies the skin: thanks to its purifying action, used as a mask or as a face cleanser, it allows to free the pores from impurities, in order to prevent the formation of blackheads and blackheads.
  • It makes the skin soft: a ghassoul mask added to vegetable oils with a nourishing action, can be a valid aid to soften the skin making it softer and smoother. 
  • Reduces excess sebum: Rhassoul clay has strong absorbing properties that make it an ideal natural remedy in case of excess sebum and excessively oily skin. 
  • It has soothing properties: used on irritated or reddened skin, it helps to soothe and calm inflammation, even in the presence of eczema or psoriasis. 

Benefits on the hair

  • Eliminates dandruff: thanks to its gently abrasive action, allows you to remove dead cells from the skin and regulate the secretion of sebum, which is one of the most common causes of dandruff, both fat and dry.
  • Highly purifying: the ghassoul allows you to purify and detoxify hair thoroughly, eliminating not only toxins and slag but also traces of products used previously. 
  • Cleanses the scalp: the Rhassoul can be used in place of the shampoo as a real cleaning product, given its cleansing abilities given by saponins. 
  • It has a conditioning effect: in addition to the cleaning action, it also has a conditioning and detangling function on the hair, like a common conditioner.


Being a clay with absorbent capacity, it must absolutely be worked with objects in plastic, wood, glass, terracotta or ceramics; avoiding the use of metal equipment for the simple reason that they could retain particles of metals that can be harmful to the skin. 

Instead of an even more hydrated skin, you can prepare a mask with Rhassoul and rose water.