Creative Europe 2021-2027

Creative Europe is the European Commission’s only framework programme to support the cultural and creative sector. The aim of Creative Europe is to promote, strengthen and preserve European cultural and linguistic diversity and creativity.

Compared to the seven-year-old programme Creative Europe 2014-2020, the operating context has changed.In addition to safeguarding Europe’s cultural heritage and strengthening the competitiveness of the cultural and creative sectors, the Creative Europe 2021-2027 programme sets the challenge of enhancing the role of artists as ambassadors of EU values.

The new programme makes available €1.85 billion, €400 million more than the previous programme.

The areas of intervention remain unchanged:

a)CULTURE: it supports the circulation of works and artists, participation in cultural life, social inclusion, dissemination of European values through artistic education, the internationalization of the sector and cultural diplomacy. Up to €609 million are allocated.

Some of the initiatives:

  • Cooperation networks and platforms;
  • Mobility of artists;
  • Music;
  • Books and publishing;
  • Architecture and cultural heritage;
  • Cultural design, fashion and tourism;
  • Special initiatives, such as the European Capital of Culture or the European Heritage Label.

b)MEDIA: the programme offers support for the cross-border production and distribution of audiovisual works and the development of innovative technologies in the sector. Up to €1,081 billion are available for this section.

Some of the initiatives:

  • Development, distribution and promotion of European films, TV programmes and video games;
  • Cross-border creative collaboration;
  • Quality training for producers, directors and script-writers;
  • Digital transformation of the audiovisual industry;
  • Support for film festival networks and cinema networks showing European films aimed at new audiences.

c)MULTIPLE SECTORS: area aimed at strengthening interdisciplinary projects in art, technology and business, social inclusion through culture and media literacy in support of quality journalism. €160 million are allocated to this section.

Some of the initiatives:

  • Policy development and data collection on cross-sectoral activities;
  • International exchange of experience and know-how, peer learning activities and networking;
  • Creative and innovative workshops;
  • Support for social inclusion through culture;
  • Support for media pluralism, quality journalism and media literacy.